About US


Who We Are

PreSERVE is a coalition of individuals from non-profits, health institutions and the African American community that seeks to improve the health of African Americans over the age of 55. PreSERVE members are concerned about the disparities that lead to hypertension, diabetes and other conditions that impact brain health among African Americans.

What We Do

PreSERVE aims to address health disparities among older African Americans with projects that engages the people in healthy lifestyles through learning, socialization, exercise, healthy eating, and the expressive arts. In recent years PreSERVE has held successful conferences on “Aging & Memory in the African American Community.”

In Spring 2013, we will host “Community Listening/Inactive Sessions” to help shape future service priorities of those we serve.

Our Mission

Creating pathways that empower African Americans

to maintain healthy brains and create healthy lifestyles

Our Vision:

Weave a tapestry of individuals and organizations

who work collectively to improve the physical and brain health

of African Americans 55 and older in an innovative way.

Our Aging and Memory in the African American Community Conference, is our signature educational event designed to initiate healthy change for individuals and community.

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