PreSERVE Coalition- on collaborating with the community

raina and yvonne

Founded 2007. PreSERVE Coalition is a group of individuals from healthcare, service organizations and the community collaborating on initiatives that support the health and well being of older adult African Americans in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. We focus particularly on brain health and the many aspects of preserving memory. Our Aging and Memory Conference is our signature educational event designed to initiate healthy change for individuals and community.

The members of PreSERVE aim to create pathways to increase knowledge about the causes and prevention of memory loss in older African Americans in Portland. We recognize that chronic illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes disproportionately affect the brain health of these citizens as they age. To address these concerns, PreSERVE would like to take a multi-faceted approach to promoting brain health in the community, using culturally relevant, creative activities to foster connectivity, healthy foodways, and physical wellness.  mzvELw3aEAHWjUekV4FunFWZccTORYJMKnGw05zBtlk

 (Mrs. Gertrude Rice, PreSERVE member- right)

Specifically, PreSERVE focuses on projects that engage the community in healthier lifestyles through socialization, physical exercise, healthy eating, and the expressive arts. Examples might include theatrical play, poetry, painting, life history writing, walking programs, gardening, and cooking workshops. It is also important to PreSERVE members that communication and engagement across generations be incorporated into projects. PreSERVE members also feel strongly about presenting evidence-based research related to brain health to our target community in an accessible way that is applicable to everyday living. Furthermore, PreSERVE emphasizes project sustainability beyond PreSERVE’s initiation.