2014 Conference–The Heart Brain Connection

Our 4th conference on Aging & Memory in the African American Community

Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014
9 am – 3:30 pm
Legacy Emanuel Hospital
Lorenzen Auditorium
301 N. Graham St., Portland 97227
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African American heart and brain experts explain how a healthy heart sustains a healthy brain.

FREE admission.
Register online at http://goo.gl/W2vAkH or call 503-944-9325

Featuring expert

presentations and workshops:
♥ connection between heart

health and memory loss
♥ presentations on diabetes among African Americans
♥ participating in research
♥ enjoy a soul food lunch and door prizes!
♥ resource fair and interactive activities: discover community resources, learn your health profile,find out about local research on African American health

Keynote presentation by Elisa Torres, School or Nursing, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Research presentation by Francine Epperson, Indiana University Health Neurosciences Center, Indianapolis